The Coastal tram

Heritage Games

Finger on the wound

When a murderer touches something, they leave behind invisible fingerprints. These fingerprints are an excellent way to find the culprit because everyone's fingerprints are different! Investigators can find fingerprints by dusting a special powder over furniture, door handles, glasses, weapons, etc. The fingerprint of our murderer is on this glass; do you know which finger this print is from? Click on the correct fingerprint. You can make three guesses.

Find the 10 dissimilarities

This is a drawing of the room where Valère Malchance was found. What did the murderer take, move or change in the room? Find the ten dissimilarities. Click on them on the top photo. The bloodstains do not count.

The Coastal Tram X-tra
Coastal tram X-tra  
frequence: every 20 min  
The coastal tram has right of way
The Coastal Tram has right of way