The Coastal tram

Technical datasheet

Low floor tram

Specifications Details
Power457 kW
Number of motors2 motors - continuous current
Voltage600 VDC (continuous voltage)
Track width1 m
Maximum speed78 km/hour (new wheels 680 mm diameter)
Kilometres of track140 km

Properties Trams with old intermediate casingTrams with new intermediate casing

Properties Size of tram with old intermediate casingSize of tram with new intermediate casing
Length30 m31.2 m
Low floor3 m low floor part4.8 m low floor part
Width2.5 m2.5 m
Weight48 ton49 ton
Height3.3 m3.3 m

Properties Places on tram with old intermediate casingPlaces on tram with new intermediate casing
Number of seats7383
Number of standing passengers196196

The Coastal Tram X-tra
Coastal tram X-tra  
frequence: every 20 min  
The coastal tram has right of way
The Coastal Tram has right of way