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Anysurfer labelOn 3 November 2010 the coastal tram website received the AnySurfer label. That is a quality label for websites that are accessible for everyone, even people with a physical limitation (for example the blind, elderly, Internet users with a motor or auditive handicap).

Here are a few examples of our efforts to make this website accessible. The changes were tested in Internet Explorer 6 and 7, Firefox and Safari.

Web standards

All website pages are structured and constructed semantically (for example H1 for titles, H2 for subtitles).


  • Links to other pages on our website are always opened in the same window.
  • Links to pages on other websites and to files like PDF or Word are always shown in a new window.
  • Links to other pages, files or websites are meaningful. For links to other files we always indicate the file type (doc, xls, PDF, ppt, etc.) and the size of the file is mentioned (in KB or MB).


  • The breadcrumb navigation at the top of each page shows the page's location in the website's structure.
  • You can navigate by only using the keyboard.


Images are provided with an alt-attribute that describes the content.

Videos and Flash applications

  • Videos and Flash applications contain a short text that describes the content or are provided with a complete transcription.
  • Videos do not play automatically.

Print version

When printing a page a print version is generated. When printing, a print-friendly version will automatically be sent to the printer. All navigation that is only useful on the screen is left out.

Magnifying letters

  • In the upper-right corner of every page there is a style sheet switcher: every page is available in 3 font sizes ranging from regular size to very large letters.
  • If you change the size of the text with the browser functions, the layout of the pages changes automatically.

Data tables

Data tables have table headers.

Which parts of our website (still) are not accessible?

Certain parts of our website (still) are not accessible or not completely.


The PDF files with timetables are not accessible. Timetables are opened via our online route planner.

Detail plans

In practice it is impossible to make these plans accessible for the blind and seriously visually impaired.

Magazine, folders and brochures

Not all of the magazines, folders and brochures on our website are (completely) accessible. We strive to offer the content as a web text whenever possible and to add the folder or brochure as a supplement.

Questions or comments?

Do you have questions or comments about the accessibility of our website? Please let us know. Based on your reactions we can further optimise the accessibility of our website. You can reach us

  • via our online contact form. We strive to make this form completely accessible as quickly as possible.
  • via our contact centre De LijnInfo on the number 070 220 200 (€0.30/min).

The Coastal Tram X-tra
Coastal tram X-tra  
frequence: every 20 min  
The coastal tram has right of way
The Coastal Tram has right of way