7-day ticket promotion

18/10/2011Travel in West Flandern on the 7-day ticket

How much does a 7-day ticket cost?

A 7-day ticket for 1 person costs 20.00 euro. If there are two people travelling, then you can buy a 7-day ticket for 2 people for 30.00 euro.

Where can I buy a 7-day ticket?

The 7-day ticket is only available in the Coastal de Lijn-shops and ticket vending machines along the coast and so are not available from the driver.

How do I use a 7-day ticket?

With a 7-day ticket, you can travel unlimited for 7 consecutive days on the Kusttram and all the buses in West Flanderen. We ask that you validate the 7-day ticket in the yellow validator every time you travel.