The Coastal tram

Advance ticket sales

Advance ticket sales

You can obtain a ticket from De Lijn quickly, easily and economically thanks to our extensive network of sales points. You can visit one of our sales points or order your ticket from home. The choice is up to you.

De Lijn wants to increase the punctuality and circulation of its vehicles by selling tickets in advance. After all, the fewer tickets drivers have to sell, the less time they lose standing still at stops. You'll reach your destination faster.

Lijnwinkel coastal tram

Several Lijnwinkels are located along the coastal tram route. Our personnel will gladly help you determine the cheapest formula from our range of possibilities.

If you already have a ticket you can validate it in the Lijnwinkel or make it 'ready to travel'. When the coastal tram approaches you can board via any door and go. You will avoid losing time at the stop and the coastal tram will be more punctual.

In the Lijnwinkels along the seaside you cannot purchase passes but the request form is available.

Click here for a summary of all Lijnwinkels along the coastal tram route.

There are Lijnwinkels in every Flemish province:

External retail sales points: newsstands, supermarkets, filling stations, train stations, etc.

If you purchase a ticket in one of our external retail sales points you pay up to 50% less than on the vehicle.
You can purchase the following tickets in an external sales point:

  • Ticket
  • Lijnkaart
  • Lijnkaart %
  • Day Pass
  • Multiple days pass

The entire range of tickets is not offered at all our external sales points.

Subscription Service

You can request a De Lijn season ticket from the Subscription Service.

Electronic retail sales channels

SMS tickets

You can pay for your journey with your mobile phone by purchasing an SMS ticket. An SMS ticket is cheaper than buying a ticket from the driver.

Purchase a pass online

Do you want to obtain your pass quickly and easily? You can purchase your pass online (Dutch page).

Purchase tickets online via eShop

You can purchase your ticket, Lijnkaart (%), Day Pass or multiple days pass over the Internet (Dutch page) whenever you want. De Lijn works on this pilot project together with Bpost.

The Coastal Tram X-tra
Coastal tram X-tra  
frequence: every 20 min  
The coastal tram has right of way
The Coastal Tram has right of way