Improved provision on Lines 153, 154 and 155

18/8/2010Improved provision on Lines 153, 154 and 155

De Lijn is improving its provision on a few regional lines from 1 September 2010. Frequencies will be increased, buses will run earlier and/or later... In short, you will reach your destination more quickly.

What is changing as from 1 September 2010 for Lines 153, 154 and 155?

  • The frequency will be increased on the entire route of Lines 154 and 155 and for Line 153 on the route between Halle and Drogenbos. From now on you will be able to board a bus at least every 15 minutes on weekdays on the routes common to these lines. Furthermore, these lines will run earlier in the morning and much later at night, even during the weekend.
  • This increased frequency ensures better transfer opportunities to other bus lines in Halle, to MIVB trams and to NMBS trains in Halle and Ukkel – Kalevoet. These stations offer direct trains to the airport.
  • In Halle the streets south of the Nijvelsesteenweg will be served by a few additional journeys on Line 155. 
  • The timetable of Lines 153, 154 and 155 will be better tailored to the starting and ending times of schools in Halle, Alsemberg and Sint-Genesius-Rode.
  • The route of these lines will not be changed. The running time will be adjusted to increase reliability and to anticipate possible hindrance related to ongoing or planned road works and sewer repairs in Dworp, Pepingen and Alsemberg.

Please note!

The departure time of your trusted bus may changed due to these improvements. Be sure to consult the timetable (Dutch version) of your line to see whether anything changes for you. Be sure to enter a date after 1 September 2010.