Late evening transport in Antwerp

Thanks to De Lijn's new timetable, it's fun in town for a lot longer

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Late evening transport in the city looks different as of 1 May 2010.


From now on you can enjoylate evening transport 7 days a week in the city area.


During the week tram 6 and tram 8 get an extra late departure at 0.30 a.m. From now on you can leave the car at home and enjoy everything that Antwerp has to offer until after midnight. Catch a film, a late meeting or just hang around a bit later…. from now on you can do this during the week too.


The last trams depart on weekdays in the centre of Antwerp between midnight and 0.30 a.m. for a last complete journey to their terminus. Tram 4 and tram 7 stop 30 minutes earlier but don't worry: another tram always rides on their route so you will reach your destination. 

Price of a journey with the late evening trams and buses

All late evening lines charge the regular fare.

Do you want to stay out even later?

On Friday and Saturday nights there are night buses.