Lijnkaart: several journeys

Kinderen ontwaarden Lijnkaart

If you take the bus or tram now and then, choose a Lijn card. With a Lijnkaart you can make several journeys. A Lijnkaart is 25% to 50% cheaper than a ticket. If you travel with at least 5 people then the Lijnkaart % is the cheapest method.

Read more about all the terms and conditions related to free travel with De Lijn .


Where can you purchase one?

You purchase a Lijnkaart or a Lijnkaart % in our sales points.

The Jump suburban/city card can be purchased in the vehicles of De Lijn (Brussels city zone), in the vehicles of the MIVB (Brussels city zone) and in MIVB sales points (Brussels city zone).


How much you pay for a journey depends on how many zones you cross.


Regarding zones there are 2 fares:

  • a fare for short distances (1 and 2 zones)
  • a fare for long distances (3 or more zones)

If you choose 1 zone in the short distance fare then you can ride within the zone where you boarded.

If you choose 2 zones then you can ride in the zone where you boarded and a adjacent zone.

If your journey covers 3 or more zones then you pay the long distance fare.

Price of a Lijnkaart and Jump card (valid from 1 February 2014)

in advanceon bus or tram
Lijnkaart %€8/
Jump suburban card (Brussels)-€8
Jump city card (Brussels)-€14

Price per journey (valid from 1 February 2014) 

in advance
Lijnkaart %
in advance
suburban card
city card
1 or 2 zones€1,00€0.80€1.60€1.40
3 or more zones€1.90€1.40//

Pay the exact amount

You didn't purchase a ticket before boarding? Board at the front and purchase a ticket from the driver. Please pay the exact amount. You cannot pay with a note larger than a 10-euro note.

Tickets that cost more than 10 euros, can be paid for with a 20-euro note. For example:

  • A ticket for one zone (€2) can be purchased with a 5-euro or 10-euro note.
  • A Lijnkaart (worth €15 for example) can be paid for with a 20-euro note.

You can only pay with a note of more than 10 euros or the driver cannot make change? Then you must complete a 'passenger without exact money' form. You have two weeks to pay for the journey via bank transfer (without administration costs). If you wait too long, you will receive a fine .

How to use it?

Always validate

Every time you board or transfer you must validate your Lijnkaart (except at the coast if the card or
ticket is already validated in the Lijnwinkel). Stick the Lijnkaart in the yellow ticket validation machine near the door. The fare depends on the number of zones that you will travel. If you don't know how many zones to enter, ask the driver. He will gladly help you.
Example: if you want to travel 9 zones then press 9 on the ticket validation machine. Your Lijnkaart will be
validated according to the long distance fare (= 3 zones).
Please note: to be in order you must always enter the correct number of zones that you want to travel with the vehicle.


When transferring, stick the Lijnkaart in the ticket validation machine once again and enter the number of zones that you want to travel with that vehicle. The machine calculates whether you need to pay more.


If several people use the same Lijnkaart then you must validate for each person. You do not need to do this when transferring: in that case you only need to validate the card once. If several people use the same Lijnkaart then they must travel together for the entire journey. If someone gets off earlier, make sure that the Lijnkaart stays in the possession of those who continue the journey.

Time fare: how long can you travel?

The second column of the table below shows how long your ticket is valid. If the validity period expires while you are on the vehicle, you can finish the journey. You do not have to get off. You are not allowed to travel further than the zones that you paid for. The validity period is determined by the number of zones that you entered.

Number of zonesMaximum duration journey
1 or 21 hour
3 and more90 minutes

Lijnkaart %: reduced fare

A Lijnkaart % is a Lijnkaart at a reduced fare. A Lijnkaart % can only be used by:

  • groups of at least 5 people that travel together throughout the entire journey
  • children aged 6 to 11
  • bearers of a valid reduction card 'Large Family' (a reduction card 'Large Family' can be obtained from the Gezindsbond or the NMBS)
  • bearers of a valid WIGW card (Widows, Invalids, Pensioners and Orphans) (a WIGW card can be obtained from the NMBS)
  • servicemen in uniform, based on the required reduction card or furlough-pass
  • war veterans and equivalent, and widows of war veterans and equivalent, upon showing their national reduction cards 50% or 75%
  • journalists that possess a valid reduction card ‘Reduction card journalist’
  • bearers of a valid reduction card ‘Increased Compensation’

Jump suburban/city card: travel through Brussels easily

If you take the train, metro and bus in Brussels city zone now and then, choose a Jump suburban card (5 journeys) or a Jump city card (10 journeys). Both cards are valid on the networks of De Lijn, MIVB, TEC and NMBS. A Jump city card can only be used for travel within the city zone of Brussels.