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Frequently asked questions

Can I renew my travel pass on the website if I have a MOBIB card?

In most cases you can renew your travel pass directly on the website.

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Your new travel pass is automatically loaded onto your current MOBIB card by 10 am the day after payment. Discover how to renew your travel pass on the website.

If we have your email address you will receive an email with a proposal to renew your travel pass shortly before it expires. If you agree with the proposed products all you have to do is make payment and click on the link to renew your travel pass. Your new travel pass is loaded onto your MOBIB card by 10 am the next working day.

However, in some cases it is not possible to renew your travel pass via the website because we need additional information (e.g. a certificate for a municipal discount, family discount, ...). Read in which situations online renewal is not available and how to proceed.

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