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Frequently asked questions

Can I buy an sms-ticket via an international mobile phone operator?

Yes, that's possible. For the activation of your ticket we ask for your mobile phone number. You can purchase an m-ticket, m-card10 or m-daypass with a foreign mobile number from the following countries:

(+1) United States and Canada

(+30) Greece

(+31) Netherlands

(+32) Belgium

(+33) France

(+34) Spain

(+36) Hungary

(+39) Italy

(+40) Romania

(+41) Switzerland

(+44) United Kingdom

(+45) Denmark

(+46) Sweden

(+47) Norway

(+48) Poland

(+49) Germany

(+90) Turkey

(+212) Morocco

(+352) Luxembourg

(+359) Bulgaria

(+385) Croatia

(+386) Slovenia

(+420) Czech Republic

Additional roaming or transaction costs are possible.

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