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Frequently asked questions

What should I do if I lose something?

If you forgot or lost something on a bus or tram, you can call De Lijn Info on 0700 220 200 (€0.30 per minute). Contact us as soon as possible and have the following information ready:

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  • The date you forgot or lost something on the bus or tram and the time you got on and off the bus or tram
  • The specific bus or tram line you forgot or lost the item on and the direction of travel
  • A full description of the item you lost or forgot: colour, material, characteristics, content, any ID or contact details on or inside the item
  • Your contact details: your email address and a (mobile) phone number we can use to reach you

After you report the lost or forgotten item, the lost and found department will look for your item based on the information you provided. If we find the item, we will contact you and tell you where you can pick it up.

If we do not notify you within 14 days of your report, this unfortunately means that your lost item was not found.If an item is not claimed by its owner within two months, we will remove it from our lost and found department.

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