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Frequently asked questions

For what offences will I be given a type 1 fine?

  • being unable to present a valid ticket, proof of free transport or reduction card;
  • failing to pay the price of the trip (and administration fee) in the 'passenger without (correct) money' within 145 days;
  • dirtying the vehicles: discarding or leaving a n object or item on the vehicles, at the stops, on the tracks or in the public spaces;
  • dirtying or deliberate incorrect use of the installations, infrastructure or device;
  • disturbing the public order or peace through drunkenness, narcotics, enuresis, unwanted physical contact, insulting comments or actions;
  • possession of an object or substance that can be a nuisance to or dirty people or cause inconvenience.
  • leaning on or blocking the doors of a vehicle;
  • getting on at the back instead of at the front as the rules demand (on a bus);
  • distracting the driver or another member of staff of De Lijn during the trip.
  • bending over or crossing safety barriers or marks;
  • gaining access to ticket counters and passageways that are off limits to the public without permission;
  • smoking in vehicles, shelters and other covered areas owned by De Lijn;
  • failing to follow the directions of the driver or the inspection staff;
  • abusing the reservation facilities of the dial-a-bus switchboard.

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