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Frequently asked questions

How do I have a smooth journey with the Coastal Tram?

Below you will find some useful tips to ensure a smooth trip with the Coastal Tram.

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  • Open the door by pushing the illuminated button and first let the passengers alight.
  • Then climb aboard. A whistle signal lets you know when the doors are closing. To avoid holding up your fellow-passengers or the service, don’t linger on the step. 
  • Some stops have an elevated platform, making it even easier to get on and off. These stops are indicated on the maps by a wheelchair icon.
  • The Coastal Tram has a lowered section in the middle where it’s easier to get on, especially with a pushchair, wheelchair or walker. 
  • Avoid using an extra seat for your luggage: leave the seat free for someone else. 
  • You can follow the entire route on the map that’s displayed on the Coastal Tram. The stop announcement tells you which stop is coming up.
  • Do you want to get off at the next stop? Ring the bell well in advance and move towards the door as soon as the Coastal Tram approaches the stop.
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