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Frequently asked questions

Travelling with the Coastal tram: tips

There is a lowered section in the centre of the Coastal tram: that is easier to get on especially with a pushchair, wheelchair or walking frame.  

A raised platform has also been constructed at some stops. This makes it even easier to get on and off.   

Open the door by pushing the button and allow people to get off first. Then get on yourself. That is much easier. You can find these stops on the plan above the timetable and are indicated with an icon of a wheelchair user.

Do not stand by the doors, but move along the tram then more people can travel as well. 

Do not take an extra chair for your luggage, that will leave another place for the others. 

Food and drink are not permitted on the coastal tram. Keep the Coastal tram clean, this is more pleasant for everyone.  

A map is displayed on the Coastal tram so that you can follow the whole route.  The announcement of the stop tells you what stop is coming up. In addition a friendly voice will announced the following stop.
If you would like the Coastal tram to stop at the next stop, the ring in good time in advance.  Go to the door once the Coastal tram approaches the stop. 

Press on the illuminated button to open the door. A whistle informs passengers of the doors closing automatically. Even standing on the stop will prevent the doors closing.

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