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Transport regions: cities and municipalities are being given more of a say

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Each transport region has its own transport plan. This plan is completely tailored to the region, because it is partly determined by the transport region council. Those with a seat on the council include De Lijn and NMBS, as well as the cities and municipalities, and of course they know best what transport is needed in their region.

What do we do on these different transport region councils?

  • We map out the core network. The transport region council discusses and gives advice on this.
  • We make proposals about what the supplementary network should look like. What it will actually look like is decided by the transport regions.

For the core network and the supplementary network, the Flemish Government has made us ‘internal operator’ again for the next ten years. What does this mean? That we will continue to bring you to your destination with our buses and trams.

Transport regions

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