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Emissions of our vehicles

Emissions of our vehicles

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By using our buses and trams we can prevent a lot of car trips in Flanders. At the same time we try to reduce the emissions of our own vehicles insofar as possible. For that reason De Lijn introduced several measures in recent years:

  • Acquisition of vehicles
    • We place great importance on the fuel consumption with every vehicle acquisition.
    • We always choose the strictest possible emission standard available on the market on acquisition.
    • In urban environments we maximally choose diesel-hybrid motors.
    • We carry out experiments with alternative fuels or motors (electricity and hydrogen)).
  • Eco-driving by drivers:
    • Each bus driver completed an eco-driving training.
    • A driving style meter is included in each bus to remind the driver of their eco-driving style.
    • The driving style of each driver is followed up and continuously improved.
  • Furnishing depots:
    • Most parking areas are now equipped with compressed air and battery charge, so a bus does not have to warm up and/or become pressurised for more than 5 minutes for the morning start.

The emission data below are the result (average fleet 2014):

VehicleDiesel consumption (l/100km)CO2 (g/km)Fine particles (g/km)NOx (g/km)
Standard bus4010570.0812
Hybrid bus328460.0649.6
Articulated bus5013220.115
Tram (*)/80//
(*) our trams run 100% on green power

You can compare the CO2 emissions of our vehicles with other modes of transport on page Vehicle CO2 emissions.

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