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Practical information

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Naturally, you want to travel smoothly by bus or tram even if you are travelling with a wheelchair or a (visual) impairment. You can find all the practical information that may assist you to make your trip easier, here.

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Are you travelling with a wheelchair?

Reservations is usually required

A wheelchair accessible trip is only possible if both the stop and vehicle are accessible. Reserve your journey, then you will be certain that you can board the vehicle safely.
Because the reservation requirement makes traveling less flexible, we are striving to abolish the reservation procedure. On 5 More Mobile Lines reservation is no longer required.

Conditions for travel with a wheelchair or rollator

To be able to travel safely by bus or tram, the wheelchair must meet a number of conditions:

  • Max. 130 cm long
  • Max. 80 cm wide
  • Max. 300 kg in weight (incl. user)
A mobility scooter is not permitted because you cannot anchor it securely and because it is less manoeuvrable than an electric wheelchair.
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Other practical tips for a smooth journey

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Whether a stop is accessible or not depends on a number of characteristics such as the height of the platform, the incline of the slope or the presence of tactile paving.
You can check the accessibility status of your stop on this website, at the stops themselves and in the leaflets of the 5 More Mobile Lines. A stop may be accessible to people with:

  • a mobility impairment
  • a mobility impairment, with assistance from your carer 
  • a visual impairment

Would you like to see the accessibility status of the stops when searching on this website? Then set your preferences here.

Depending on your personal situation, it is possible that you may receive a discount or even travel free by bus or tram. If you travel with a carer, then he or she can travel for free. Check the overview of discounts.


Do you have an impairment and find it difficult to take public transport? Then you can count on the OV-buddies. They are enthusiastic volunteers from TreinTramBus in the Ghent region who help teach people how to use the bus or tram. The OV-buddies can provide one-off support or help you to practice a particular route, so that you are able to do it independently after a while. 

Like to know more?
09 223 86 12


BlueAssist is a tool in the form of a simple blue card or smartphone application. If you have difficulty communicating, BlueAssist can help. You can ask your question to other passengers or the driver using a card or the app. That allows you to ask your question, even if you find it difficult to speak. Our drivers are familiar with the tool and are happy to help you. More information about the tool is available from the  BlueAssist website.

The driver will help you find your way

A driver must always stop the vehicle if he sees you at a stop with a white stick and ask you where you want to go. The driver will also let you know when you have reached the destination. 

If you are travelling with a wheelchair, the driver will extend the ramp and allow the bus to kneel (so that the level difference is lower). You can then board the vehicle yourself or with the assistance of a carer.

Assistance dog

If you have an assistance dog to guide you, your dog may travel for free on the bus or tram.

We are bound by European regulations for the accessibility of our provision. You can find all the information about the accessibility of our provision on this website.
Do you still have questions? Let us know via the online contact form.