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Types of offences and corresponding fines for disturbance

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The Decree of the Flemish Government (Decree of the Flemish Government of 14 May 2004 on the operation and prices of the VVM (Belgian Law Gazette 20 July 2004), as amended by the Decree of the Flemish Government of 10 July 2015, distinguishes 3 types of offences The severity of the breach determines the type of the offence and the corresponding fine imposed. The amounts of the fines increase if you commit the same offence within twelve months.

Type 1

  • fare dodging
  • inappropriate behaviour

Type 2

type 2 breaches (fraud and dangerous behaviour) are considered very serious offences due to

  • their serious consequences (e.g. delaying a vehicle)
  • the risk they cause to the offender themselves or to others (e.g. getting in or out of the vehicle before it has come to a stop)
  • their fraudulent nature (e.g. forging a ticket)

Type 3

If you do not have a valid season ticket with you at the time of an inspection or have forgotten to validate your MOBIB-card on the vehicle? Then you will also be given an official report.. From the second breach within twelve months a fine will be imposed (type 3).

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