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Scheme 2: Contributions for Lijn cards

Scheme 2: Contributions for Lijn cards

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Show your (green) heart … and give your residents the chance to travel inexpensively within your municipality with De Lijn. Offer them a De Lijn multi-journey card. The environment will thank you for it!

  • For local authorities only.
  • You can use the De Lijn advance sales network (newsagents, local shops, supermarkets, etc.) for the sale of these cheaper Lijn cards. You can also decide to distribute the card through your own channel, for example in the municipal offices or the library.
  • Extra possibility: As a third-party payer you can also buy tickets in bulk. You will be charged the advance sale rate. You can hand out these multi-journey cards to the residents of the municipality, for example. This is an easy way to give potential travellers a taste of De Lijn’s services.
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