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Day pass (1, 3 days)

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Day pass (1, 3 days)

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A day pass is the cheapest ticket if you don't have a season ticket and travel with our buses or trams frequently for 1 or several consecutive days. 

TypeAutomated ticket machine/Lijnwinkel
Day pass€ 7,50
Three day pass€ 15,00
Child day pass€ 4,00
Child three day pass€ 8,00


  • With a day pass you have unlimited travel for one or more days on the De Lijn buses and trams, except for the Limburg Express Lines.
  • A day pass is valid on the day of the first validation until 3:59 a.m. the following day. For example, if you have a day pass that is valid on June 6 then you can still use it for a journey that departs at 0:20 a.m. on June 7.
  • A child's day pass has the same validity as a regular day pass but it is for children from 6 to 11 years old. The very affordable price means that it is usually the cheapest ticket for children who do not have a pass. 
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Where can I buy it?

At around 200 stops
At a Lijnwinkel store
Ticket sales and travel information
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How do I use my day pass?

From now on you need to scan your day pass

Our travel passes have been held on a MOBIB card for some time. Now it’s the turn of the other tickets: they too will go on an electronic card (a different one from the MOBIB card) rather than a magnetic card.

  • Scan your single ticket whenever you board or transfer, near the driver or at a scanner further down the vehicle. You can use as many buses and trams as you like within 60 minutes and then complete your ride.
  • Do you want to know if your single ticket is still valid? First press the info button on the scanner and then scan your card. You’ll then be able to see how long your ticket is still valid for.


Do you still have a ticket or pass on a magnetic card?

Old tickets and passes on magnetic cards can no longer be used on our vehicles. You can exchange the remaining balance until 30 June 2021 as a discount off the price of a new pass or ticket at our Lijnwinkel stores or online for sms-tickets. For more information go to

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Extra info

Online portal

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Info about your journeys

10-journey Lijnkaart with municipal discount

Discount on a Lijnkaart offered by your municipality
You pay €1 per journey
The local government pays the difference from the actual Lijnkaart rate